Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer – Does this thing really Work?

Who Else Hates To Be Running Late?idol lash, grow eyelashes, how to grow leyelashes

On the days I’m running late for school or work, I do not bother myself with putting on a full face of makeup…

I mean with just 15 minutes in hand who would want to mess with winged eyeliner or getting chiseled cheekbones with all that contour jazz?…

I still, however, like to look presentable and well put-together. And for that, I always ALWAYS curl my eyelashes and put on billion quotes of lengthening and volumizing mascara and run a lipstick tube across my lips…

You wouldn’t believe what a difference curled and luscious looking lashes make to the overall appearance of your face. So when I heard about Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer…

…that promises to provide length and volume naturally to your eyelashes, I knew I had to try it at least once.

What is Idol Lash Anyways?

Idol lash is basically an eyelash enhancer – a serum for your lashes. It is formulated with chamomile extracts, peptides, keratin, vitamins and minerals to enhance the natural growth factor of your eyelashes…

The website claims they have garnered ‘clinically proven’ great results with continues use of this lash serum to achieve ‘celebrity eyelashes’.

My Experience – Is Idol Lash Enhancer Worth It?

For starters, who does not love thick, long luscious eyelashes, I know I do! I jumped at the opportunity to use this serum to attain the falsies look without having to actually apply them…

On a day to day basis, I mix and match two mascaras – one to get the length and the other to attain volume. But using mascaras do damage your lashes in the longer run…

..No matter how gentle eye makeup remover I use, I could still see a lash or two on the cotton pad at night while wiping it off. As far as the false eyelashes are concerned, I could never apply them on my eyes for the life of me even for parties and night events.

idol lash, grow eyelashes, how to grow leyelashes

The lash glue burns the hell out of me and causes severe allergies. In this scenario, the Idol Lash enhancer came as a god-sent for me.

To begin with, it comes loaded with tons of natural ingredients such as honey, nettle and chamomile extract…

…Secondly, it does not irritate my eyes no matter how generous I get with the usage. Most importantly, it has no adverse side-effect.

idol lash, grow eyelashes, how to grow leyelashes

I have been using this serum for almost 4 weeks now, and I love love love the result I’m getting.

My teeny tiny eyelashes that are usually non-existent without an eyelash curler and at least two quotes of mascaras are now looking fuller on their own. I feel really confident going out with my natural lashes these days.

Does Idol Lash Enhancer Work for Women Over 50?

I know we all think that these natural growth serums only work if you are in the prime of your age…

…however, I can vouch for this serum for women of all ages. Since I was super impressed with the results I achieved with Idol Lash Enhancer, I recommended it to my mom as well.

She has been using it since 2 weeks now, and she can already see the results.

If you have been holding up and was indecisive about this research, I would say go ahead and get yourself one bottle, you can thank me later!

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